Postharvest technology

Please can anybody provide the complete definition for “postharvest technology”

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The main purpose of post-harvest technology is to reduce post-harvest losses. The stages such as the classification, packaging, storage of products in the process from harvesting to reaching the consumer, such as vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants, industrial plants and ornamental plants, are the main factors affecting the yield after harvest.

Post-harvest tools and equipment are very important. Since the devices used in today’s technology are very sensitive, the damage to the product after harvest is almost minimized. As long as the enterprises control the production flows periodically and make improvements, the product can be packaged and reached to the consumer with almost zero damage.

Between 25-40 percent of the vegetables and fruits produced each year; We lose the harvest physiology without taking it seriously, such as bad harvest, early or late harvest, bad packaging, bad storage and bad transport.

After harvesting, the people who will take care of the product must have certain speciality. These speciality can be listed as follows:

  • Related to chemistry and biology and successful in these fields,

  • Color perception, taste and smell sensation improved,

  • Innovative and creative,

  • Can work in cooperation with others,

  • It’s about economy and trade.

One of the problems of today is the establishment of people who have no knowledge in the field. For example, people who have no knowledge of vegetables and fruits start a cold storage business. Not every product can be cooled or stored under the same conditions. Each crop has its own harvest time. You should have basic knowledge like this.