Please help me with my contract

Hello all you amazing food scientists!

Would someone be able to send me an example of a terms of sale contract? I will be creating formulas and just handing them off to my client. I have worked as an apprentice for someone in the past who has failed to teach me how to do this. I have just created a wonderful ready to eat bar to ship out as a sample to a potential client and I have a great feeling about this! I have spent a lot of time and money to start my lab with all the equipment needed, I just need some help with the legal side of things. It would be nice to finally get paid for my passion.

Also, how would you charge a client? I’m thinking a certain amount for one prototype with two flavors. Also, do I charge per hour? Do I need them to sign an NDA, Terms of Sale and IP contract? Is there anything I’m forgetting?

Please, if you have a couple minutes of your time to help me, I would be eternally grateful.

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Hi Elmira,

Fist of all Congratulations :clap: Good job.

Imo you can work based on project. Charge per hour is not a good idea i think, give a proposal for all project. You can prepare a contract about your business and you can want an approving email from your client.

Before sending any recipe, formula or sample i advice you want a payment, example 30% of all. It depends what you send.

Good luck.


Thank you so much. Ok, I will give a proposal. What about licensing or royalties? I really appreciate your help! :grinning:

Great work. Congratulations @FSrockstar . As you have achieved so much, you may wish to definitely see a lawyer to get things in right direction, based on the laws at your own country/place etc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! :grinning:

Great work till this point, now the reward should come. You may want to specify an ingredient used in the bar, may be only be obtained from a certain supplier, if you close to any that assisted you with the raw materials, as the company purchases the raw material, you can keep tabs on the amount purchased and the amount of bars produced, if it is a royalty you agreed too in the end. This can be in your contract, with the manufacturer. Again it’s legal, so get the wording and agreement done in your country. Trust is only as good as the contract is. Also slight variations to initial recipe, colour, flavour should also be included as this could be a easy bypass to paying royalties in future, the second, third generation should be covered too.It all stemmed from your initial development.