Plant-based protein extrudates

hello guys, i need some informatıons about the process of meat analogues extrusion

How can we adjust the amount of water we feed to the extruder? Which parameters of the raw materials affect and how?

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It varies with the type of extruder.You should study protein extrusion technology as there are many variables in it that varies with the machine and the raw material used

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even if the recipe and the equipment used are the same, I get different products every time. i think this is due to different parameters of the raw materials besides the amount of water used. (such as the protein content or starch content). i could not establish a connection and standardization of what exactly should be how. i am looking for sources where i can get answers to questions such as which properties of which raw materials should be taken into account or what is the connection with the amount of water fed.

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Its a complicated process ,but the food extrusion patent files could provide you with ideas how to approach it.