Plant-based milk oily taste

We developed a plant-based milk based on pea protein. It tastes great when I use a neutral oil such as coconut RBD but then tastes off and oily when we swap it with cheaper sunflower or canola oil in the same formulation.

Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to overcome it?

Most manufacturers seem to be using canola and rapeseed oil so I am not sure why we are still getting this issue and whether there is some way to overcome the oily aftertaste.

Check the oil quality…its might be the reason …Can’ t add more ,i detest plant based fabricated artficial milk…They are nothing but crap to my taste, perceptionn nor legitimate to be called milk by any sober scientist that understands milk definitions and its intended purpose in life.

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Hi Nicolas,

The polyunsaturated fat content of vegetables oils is prone to go rancid. If you insist on going down this path you may need to look at antioxiadants/ free redical scavengers. E.g. Vitamin E / tocopherols. High oleic sunflower oil is far superior to ordinary sunflower or canola oil as it has a much lower poly content.


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It would help if you incorporated the right maskers or the right antioxidant solutions

I believe you already know it regards of oil quality, Maybe try to use the high oleic one, it’ll help if it’s rancidity issue.