Pectin as a possible substitute for xanthan gum in hot sauce?


I’m looking for something to replace xanthan gum in a vinegar-based hot sauce and was wondering if pectin might be viable?

Something else that was recommended to me is Nutrava Citrus Fiber. I’ve made several requests to the company for information, but have never received a response.

Open to other suggestions that might help me get away from xanthan gum. Looking for a non-gmo product, ideally something that is sourced/produced in the US. Thank you in advance!

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Did you try maltodextrine or polydextrose ?

Also search for modified starch.

Locust bean gum should work… How about contacting TIC gums the best known hydrocolloid supplier in the states…? They certainly should have I… tThey can even provide formulation assistance to their customers…


Try Apple Fibre in combo with CMC, the sweetness of Apple Fibre is very attractive in Vinegar solution. CMC has functionality as much as Pectin, advantage CMC is cold water, whereas Pectin requires high temperature processing, so you require a cooling step, before addition of Vinegar. Apple Fibre works well in Tomato sauce ketchup products too.

Pectin is a gelling agent while xanthan is a thickener as well as emulsifier and stabilizer Hot sauce prefers more of the multifunctional effect of xanthan gum.


Hi, I know someone from Cp kelco. let me know if you still need the sample. My email address is angela_gelena@yahoo.com.ph just in case I cant log in

Thank you! They advise that xanthan gum is the best way to go. I was hoping to find an alternative. I will research locust bean gum.

Thank you very much!

Thanks you!