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British Society of Flavourists - Online Webinar with Alex Woo: Clean Label Sweetness Modulators (

Alex is the founder and CEO for W2O, a food technology firm for the past twelve years. He specializes in creating Better Food with niche expertise in contemporary taste & smell neuroscience and state of art clean label plant-based sweeteners and flavors. Food and beverage companies hire him to bring food science to their new product development efforts on topics such as sugar reduction, salt reduction and multisensory eating experience. Food ingredient firms retain him to lead the creation of plant-based sweeteners and sweetness modulators.

Alex also served as Chief Science Officer Sweeteners for Amyris a clean ingredient discovery company (2019-2021), and as Chief Innovation Officer for Nascent a stevia sweetener leader (2017-2019). He is currently on the science advisory board for Aromyx a biosensor startup, and Advance International a marine protein startup all near Silicon Valley. Prior to that, Alex had held various R&D leadership positions in companies including Pepsi, Starbucks, and Wrigley. He led technical teams to achieve business results. Alex holds a PhD in Food Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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