Nut butters stabilizers and preservatives

I would like to know what is the agents used in nut butters to stabilize and prolong shelf life of it
The nut butters I want to make is to use as an ingredient in other products not for sale for example
I want to use the nut butter for it taste and texture in energy bless balls or whole food balls made of nut buttera like peanut butter or cashew butter compind with dates and other ingredients
So it’s better for cost and time to grind and make my own nut butter but what is better method to safely and effectively add other ingredients amounts and additves to the nut butter like

Please check your National Food Regulations and allowed Ingredients as Peanut Butter is often subject to stricter rules.

E 471 Distilled Mono and Diglycerides is one that is used in peanut butter. 0.5-1%

You would also use an antioxidant like BHT BHA depending if you use a sunflower oil. 0.05% of combined oil you going to use, or if all oil from ground nut, still use that low % amount of analyzed total oil.

Or only use a percentage to the other ingredient, you need to prevent oxidation.

You could also use other antioxidants even natural or the Ascorbates.

Sugar and it’s incorporation amount, would also be a stabilizer, especially with a smooth peanut butter. 14.6% Total Sugars, South African smooth variety

Salt use, reduces water activity and is a taste enhancer. 0.5%, this is for South African Taste profiles

Thank you
Is there a certain % in distilled mono and diglycerides??
Also the % of BHT BHA?

Yes I may use a type of oil but it will not be in the peanut butter it will be one oth ingredients with the final recipe

Sugar and salt is there a standard amount of it?

Thanks again

Is this for commercial preparations or for self use? Because then the question might be looked up on with a different perspective and thus the answers.

It’s for the use as one of ingredients in a commercial not for selling peanut butter but for using it in energy balls and protein balls products
For texture and flavor
There is a ready bulk containers that’s made specifically for commercial kitchens and small food manufacturers but I want to make it myself so I’m asking for advice on how is the right application and additves

Have you tried palm oil , tristearin or any glycerides?

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You better consult emulsifiers manufacturers as they are supplying tailor made products for your specific requirements .
Contact firms like Danisco, Palsgaard .etc…

I never tried but will give it a shot
However I have seen many manufacturers who actually uses only nuts and grind it into a paste to use it with their own products without any additional additves
I’m not sure

This also a good idea to try thanks
However from a general point of view
Do you think by just using a roasted nuts and grind it into a paste like to use it in ingredients of bliss balls whole food snack items to bind and give it taste and smooth texture would it be enough to just have the general additves to the final formulation recipe? Or each ingredient like the nut butter needs it own additves?

If you want to make something similar to Nutella and cookie butter it contains proprietary stabizers tsilor made for the particular nut butter producer… lits often a combination of certain fats and emulsifiers with option for shelf life extensions agents like tocopherol and other additives…

What equipment are you using for grinding?
A colloid mill will give you a stable emulsion.
You could also try lecithin.

You shouldn’t have to worry about peanut butter specific regulations since you are only using it as an ingredient and not selling it as a nut butter.

Yes I’m using it as an ingredient not for sale
I’m using a peanut butter grinder