New product development

Hi guys . I studied food science and technology and cant get a job,may you please help with ideas of a product development i can produce thus creating my own job .
Please HELP

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What are some raw materials that is available in plenty at your place? Just to start with


You have to check your environment and check for the product they needed most, afterwards check on the availability of the raw materials for the product


Due to an unstable country most raw materials are being exported from other counties but what am really sure can get are fruits

Apply ‘Design Thinking’ for this project, and the end result with be great


What’s design thinki

Its a method of working with projects in multidimensional point of view.
Can be applied to any kind of projects.

Design thinking is a human centered approach to innovation and problem.solving using specific tools which often are people focused that can bring success in a particular business…Too much emotion involved here…
Technically I prefer the old fashioned impersonal. , probabilistic and statistical methods of design of experiments ( DOE) ,mathematical modeling and statistical process control, etc in solving technical problems

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If you can get fruits as raw materials, two ideas came up to me:
1- ready to drink natural juice: I recommend to extract the juice by cold press technology and then fill bottles with hot fill process.
2- healthy snacks: simply dehydrated fruits
Hope it helps!


Where are you from?
We may help each other in this work and work together

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