March 2021 Webinar Series: UHT/HTST/pasteurization aseptic processing

MicroThermics March 2021 Eastern Hemisphere Webinar Events.pdf (496.3 KB)

MicroThermics, the global leader in small scale UHT/HTST aseptic processing for R&D labs is conducting the popular webinar series held in November of 2020 again in March 2021 to be Eastern Hemisphere Time Zone Friendly. The event is free and you can go to www.microthermics.com to register. Hope you like it and find it very educational, here are the dates, times, and topics below:

Tue 3/9/21 @ 9:30 pm ET (Wed 3/10/21 @ 10:30 am Shanghai, China time)
Topic: Low Acid Direct Steam Injection: Dairy & Plant Based Beverages Steam Injection UHT Process with downstream homo, and ultra-clean filling

Tue 3/16/21 @ 10:30 pm ET (Wed 3/17/21 @ 10:30 am Shanghai, China time)
Topic: High Acid Beverages: HTST Process and ultra-clean filling

Tue 3/23/21 @ 10:30 pm ET (Wed 3/24/21 @ 10:30 am Shanghai, China time)
Topic: Low acid Indirect UHT/Aseptic Processing: Diary & Plant Based Beverages UHT Process with upstream homogenization and ultra-clean filling

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