Mango Pickle Puffed

Dear All
If In mango Pickle Acidity and salt percentage is ok but after some months like 1-2 months get puffed mango pickle what is problem

Maybe its not property sterilized during the canning processs that dpore forming microbes were able to survive…

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There are a few potential reasons for this:
**Inadequate sealing, **
**Contamination, **
Insufficient sterilization

Dear Vijay Garje,
Nice to see you your genuine right directed brainstorming for solving a problem related to puffed pickle. The reply you have received yet are all correct but half of the truth. What you need is a commercial knowledge and cannot be shared unless you pay for it.
I appreciate because generally small production houses have just replacement of problem product with product from fresh batch and destroy the spoiled product whatever is returned from market and leave their quality on fate and fortune. Large set-up invest funds on research by appointing expert rood technologist and do intensive laboratory trials and do RCA to fix root cause and take CPA with an aim “The same problem will never happen again”.
You certainly go for the practices, what large industry do, nut it looks you will adopt a third option of 3rd party distant research on contract basis. I do offer such services overseas and you may communicate at
Thank you & Best Regards