Low/zero-sugars substitute for stickiness and (optionally) sweetness of sugar

Hi all,

I’m looking for a substitute for sugar which offers it’s stickiness mainly, and if possible, it’s solubility, sweetness, and when mixed with water its viscosity characteristics. Basically sugar, but without the insulin hit of sugar.

From what I understand Erythritol has much lower sucrose content than sugar but is not sticky. With other options generally, sweetness ans solubility seem to be easy to find. Not being sticky seems to to be the, well, sticking point.

Thanks for any suggestions.

May i know what kind of product you are making?

Have you tried gum and fiber to help with the viscosity or stickiness?

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Try Palatinit Isomalt…it behaves like sucrose but does not raise insulin…

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Try Inulin.

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