Let's connect on LinkedIn and talk about our food science research :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Xiaoqin Feng, and I recently completed a Master’s in Food Science and Technology with a specialization in Consumer and Sensory Science. My field involves evoking and measuring consumer responses to consumer products to generate insights on the product profiles and how the products can be improved. My thesis surrounds consumer acceptance of 3D printed foods, what consumer traits and interventions influenced their acceptance.

I’m wondering if anyone here is interested in networking. I would love to hear about what you do in the food science family, and of course I am more than happy to share with you the results of my research and my insights on food innovations :slight_smile:

Here is my LinkedIn profile, and you may comment yours if you are comfortable sharing.

Take care everyone!
Xiaoqin Feng


Wow! This so nice it really motivates some of us who are still undergraduates…it gives me a morale to read and research more in this field

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LinkedIn has its heyday in the past decade ,now its just Shell of its former glory…
Linkedin Connection does not led to good networks;its just like any social media connection, they are hollow …
Create your own world, establish better network with people you know through work, study etc than with strangers with fancy titles and resumes…


I agree with you

spot on


The intention of my post is to connect with other food scientists and share our experiences. Having conversations with international experts can really help one build a sense of what’s happening globally in the food science industry. There are hollow relationships online for sure, and in life too, and there are also people who have the genuine intention to share knowledge and learn and grow mutually.

Have a good day!

Its unlikely you will met strangers that are open as you in technical matters and do freewheeling discussions with each other pet projects…
As …
The more you are involved in R& D work the more you are concerned of the rules of confidentiality and safekeeping of proprietary information related to your work.

There are still general things we can talk about other than R&D and specific confidential projects. For example, regional food trends and safety laws. I believe we can still be inspired by having conversations about non-sensitive information. If we have forums, conferences, networking events, we can also make it online by reaching out to people and have conversations. That’s just my thought and you are entitled to yours :slight_smile:

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Your gregarious nature would make you a good spokesperson, or, being successful in marketing and sales department of your industry…

Any one can explain modern equipments and different products for the process of osmotic dehydration?


You should start a new topic in product development section instead of hitching in another topic in the General section

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HI, this is really cool. If you or any of your colleagues are interested in writing short articles similar topics for the food science community, we’ll be happy to publish it.

not sure what publishing site you are referring to? Do explain and might be useful as there are many students in this group.

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What about creating a whatsapp group, then giving us the link to join?