La densité de chocolat

Svp comment on peut mesurer la densité de chocolat


could you please write in English.

i translated your post as;

Please, how can we measure the density of chocolate

@ferhat_hadjer to meaasure density of chocolate just use a meaasured cylinder.

This is not an official method by any means. I am just improvising :sunglasses: I assume that this is solid chocolate?

  1. get a graduated cylinder.
  2. break a small piece of chocolate that will fit into the cylinder. Weigh it.
  3. fill a known amount of water into the cylinder.
  4. plunge the chocolate piece into the water in the cylinder. Make sure it is completely submerged.
  5. water level rises. The difference between the final and the initial levels is the volume of chocolate.
  6. divide the weight of the chocolate by its volume. You’ve just calculated the density of your chocolate piece.
    I hope that helps.