Important points of BRC 8.0 version

What are the important points for the companies that will be audited from BRC 8.0 version ?

First of all, the quality policy should be updated and the item stating that no food counterfeiting is being taken should be added.

The BRC manual should be updated and article 1.1.6 should be evaluated. In this item, define systems where employees can report concerns about product safety, integrity, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Since counterfeiting is one of the most emphasized statements, a table should be created that includes the measures taken against counterfeiting. The risks of counterfeiting in raw materials should be evaluated and their measures defined.

One of the new requirements of version 8 is the food safety culture plan. The food safety culture plan should start from purchasing and include production, quality control, maintenance, storage, shipment, customs, human resources, sales and marketing. In the plan, aim, aim-oriented method, measurement method and measurement frequency should be defined. When creating the plan, when talking about the existing systems in the enterprise, the missing parties should also be evaluated and the things that should be done should be identified and a responsible should be assigned and the target date should be given. Thus, the path will be followed in line with the goal of continuous improvement.

As before every review, a Management Review meeting should be held and these changes in the articles of the meeting should be discussed.