How to ensure my bread does not shrink or lose volume?

I started a small bakery making bread using deck oven, I have no proover yet. My bread often raise, but lose volume and result in very small compact loaf. I put plastic cover over pans with shaped dough to raise it and prevent drying

Also which financial records should I keep to monitor performance and to cost. Records breakdown

@Tiny You need to attend baking training in a culinary /vocational school near you, so you will understand fully those things that confounds you…

If your bread is rising then collapsing it could be a number of things.
Not kneading long enough
Proofing too long
Oven temperature incorrect
Too much fat in the recipe

What type of bread is it?

Thank you. I’ts a normal bread. We use cake and bread flour, yeast, salt, improver salt and bit of sugar

Cake flour is going to inhibit gluten development.
You should go with straight bread flour, and for commercial use you may want to look into a dough conditioner.

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Can take out cake flour from this recipe please. The gluten network is important and flour with 11-13% protein or bread flour is good to use for better bread formation.

I commend you for the trial.
More efforts and correction make you a better baker tomorrow.

I am also planning to start a small scale bakery.

Please, what are the materials and equipments i will be needing.

For those that are novice in baking and you want to make a business out of it. My best advice is to do a formal study so you will get a comprehensive knowledge about it.
The very reason I did not pitch in piecemeal
Advice about troubleshooting. This only works well with people that had already some baking experience. Explaining to an ignorant fellow will only lead to confusion…

mixer, oven, scrapper, buckets, plastics to cover dough, bread pans, scale, table

It might seem like it is ignorant , but I promise you it’s not. Our world this side is completely different from yours… We did buns, it is our core business. When we thought of expanding, we hired someone who worked in a bakery for at least ten years, but she can’t get it right. We have not started supplying but we sell to villagers from our garage where we bake. Also, I am not completely helpless, I have honours degree in Food science, but sometimes theory and practical occurrences may not match. We are doing trial and errors of cause. Hence I asked if someone knows. Was I wrong?

For cottage or home style baking with simple implements producing so and so quality breads;if your customers are happy with it don’t bother . If you want it to remain that way…
But it looks like you want to step up… So that’s why the best way is to get real knowhow is attend an institution that teaches comprehensive issues related to your business. Piecemeal advice is not helpful as those suggestions may or may not work in your environment.
I GIVE the same advice to ambitious fellows that want to run the business in this highly competitive business environment.