Hemp Seed Cake Processing

Hello Everyone,
I am an aspiring entrepreneur and would like to venture into the possibilities of processing Hemp seed cake (Cannabis sativa). I have a few questions;
i) Is it possible to produce extruded products from hemp seed cake by adding it to durum wheat dough ? (This question arises because hemp seeds have high amounts of oil which might not be suitable for the extrusion process.)
ii) Is there any way to reduce the oil content?
iii) What other technology do you see to be suitable for hemp seed cake processing (in light of new product development)?

Thanking in Anticipation.

Hello indrathiyagu;

First of all i think your opinion is so interesting and precious. I searched some articles in my country, quicly. I found some answers.

And i try to explain your quesions.
i) Some researchers tried to hemp seed cake by adding pasta. But they had some problems rheological and cooking quality. They say the thecnology need to improve about these probems.
Durum wheat have oil nearly %1-2. But hemp seed have to much (%25 - %30). You need to reduce the oil. Or you can choose different genotype have lower oils.

ii) Yes you can reduce the oil content. Oil extraction or expeller systems.

iii) It’s using alot of processes. Oil, food, profevender, papper, textile etc… But hemp seed generally using for profevender in my country.

This is a good article and i put the link below. Maybe you want to read and contact with them.



Thanks alot Mr.Ogun for putting in your efforts and time to reply my query. I’ll look into the research paper

@indrathiyagu Not specifically but would be interesting to check all those bakery products like cookies, biscuits and so on that are currently being tapped for the utilization of Okara (soybean residue), Probably can look on more details and pick a few for your trials as well. Fiber is the major attribute of okara esp highlighted for bakery applications

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Thank you for your reply Sir/Ma’am!