Helping out a future Food Science Graduate

Hi all!

I’m conducting a research project for my dissertation on how packaging and emotive language can influence consumer perception of meat and plant-based alternatives, and I need your help collecting data!

If you’re interested in participating, please click the link below:

Your help is greatly appreciated and thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Not impressed by these so called vegetable based meat bandwagon.which is politically motivated in its
strategy promoted by leftist organization allied with the UN/ WEF party to brainwash the populace into accepting their hypocritical ideas about climate change which these elite group themselves are guilty of violations of their huge carbon footprint .
Its unfortunate that even science students are brainwashed to believe in this self created illusion which actually part of subtle means of global totalitarian control.thats gradually unravelling that only the sober conservatives already realized.


I think you are clumping a lot of things together. Climate Change has been exaggerated, but I would still go green cause I just don’t like living in smoke. Very simple reason My country has grown more trees, has a adoption of EV much higher than any country(my city specially) and they have spent billions on waste management pollution control and the effects are visible. The summers are much pleasant we can breath free when cycling in traffic at a signal. It was hard to breath 10 years ago.
I think only ignorant rednecks in the USA who have this delusion that their coal powered trucks spewing black smoke does not affect the environment because they are living in nature wide open plains that smoke just goes up they don’t have to live in it.
I really can’t defend UN/WEF too to be hones. Greta was not even a vegan and I bet she is pretending to be a vegan because she got called out for that. Just like she did that sailing shenaningans when called out on flying and now she againt takes airplanes.

Now try to understand this with a calm mind.
Many say Greta is a puppet and so are leftist organizations promoting this nonsense. NOPE YOU are the puppet. Greta is the strings.

If you are really into conspiracy theories then go all the way. This is not even a conspiracy theory. It is a practice started by Edward Bernays who started the “Freedom Torches” movement to make women smoke so he could double the tobaccoa industry consumer base overnight.
It is called HIjacking the real movement.
Oil companies have done it long ago. It is an open secret that almost all Green movements and Leftist organizations are funded by BIG OIL.

This is why Greta and these organization give extreme solutions like STOP OIL movement and Carbon exchange, Carbon offseting and Carbon Tax. So the even if they win" BIG Oil and all the industry have to make no changes they continue burning the planet and just offset it by building trees everywhere.

If you the righttards(yeah I never ever dreamed I would use this word but the right movement when it comes climate change and MGTOW has gone as retared as the left they are basically libtards on this side of the spectrum.
Win then again BIG oil wins.

Now alternative meat again is hijacking the movement. What are the big leftist organization and the devil gates promoting? Not clean plant based meat healthy stuff they are promting you eating insects. Soy meat.

Going vegan is a personal choice and helping peopel go vegan with the help of Plant based meat is simply giving peopel choices. The choice of eating food that looks and can be easily prepared like people are used to.

So many in the west just slap some bacon and ham on a frying pan and add an egg in there for breakfast. I don’t see anything wrong in slaping in plant bacon and plant based eggs. You don’t have to learn how to cook mexican on India breakfast from a scratch.

Its good for your health too

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I have no sympathy for vegans nor even your fellow indians that wash and drink with cows urine which is obnoxious.
But the point is plant based meat alternatives is an illusion nor its as truly food safe as the proponents claim be which are mostly exaggerated claims in nutrition and green ideas .
Plant based meat alternatives the recent genre are heavily processed and unnatural compared to standard meat so they are subject to allergens and other toxicological issues .
This article is a revelations that’s plant based meat alternatives is not the holy grail replacement for real meat

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Nobody give an F for your racist opinions on Indians and hinduphobic biases. You are a joke. Now what happened to your argument that are unbecoming of a food professional. You are racist pig.

I am just stating a fact based on actual exposure to such unsanitary behavior when I was in your country which i find so obnoxious that i puked in that experience …:nauseated_face:
I tell you other food scientists thats with my party experienced the same nauseating scene and reluctant to eat any Indian dish afterward thinking its contaminated with cows urine.
Now tell me am i the only one that had an extreme deslike with such unsanitary cultural practice. ?