Help solve problem of sponge cake

Dear all,
This is the problem of the sponge cake that I am dealing with. The cake rose well, but in the middle of the cake, the crumbs are not uniform. They look coarse and drier than the other parts of the cake. Can you please share with me your experience to address the problem.
P.s: the cake is made from the premix.
Thank you very much!


From past experience with sponge cake formulation development.( in the 1990’) this is what I can stillremember. There are many factors.

  1. Problem.with sponges that are made with low quality flour…( higher ash or mineral content flours ).
    2.if oil is added by low speed after high speed beating it was overmixed that the bubbles starts to coalesce and rise to the top gradually .
    It can also happen when the melted fat or oil contains silica impurities like coconut and palm olein
    3.its from a premix there is a de-emulsification due to overbeating of the mix whose emulsifiers lack whippping tolerance .Another thing the recipe used for the premix was not the recommended one by the manufacturer.
    4.The cake batter was baked with slightly higher temperature ,and also in oven with higher top heat than bottom.heat.
  2. Too much eggs and not enough eggs could also promote that problem.
    6.The cake batter temperature is somewhat higher (30C and above).
    7.Slight excess of cake batter over the pan size could also create that…etc.
    8.Not tapping the pan (with sponge cake batter on the table ) to release entrapped air.
    9…Allowing the cake batter to stand for long time before being baked.
    Please think about which among of these statements are applicable to you…

Dear Mr Roy,
Thank you so much for your information.
It is really helpful.


Dear sir,as per physically work ,u can following parameters

  1. C grade flour or 70%C+30%B grade flour
    2.Oil increse .
    3.properly mixing(Room Temp.18-20C.
    4.with that u can used SAPP…with baking powder,
    Thanks sir.