Gummies and gellies

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I was wondering how they make sugar free gummies while retaining the sweet taste, do they use sugar alcohols, can anyone explain the formulation of these gummies along with their ingredients and also please specify the specifications like brix and other ingredients percentages.


focus on polyols and dextrine.

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Dear Rishi

Multiple options are available in market. Chicory root extract powder is one of the best option to prepare sugar free gummies and gellies but little expensive. (Process same like sugar gummies).

Fructooligosaccahride Liquid is also best alternative process same.

We have other options as well but above two are best.

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Shaik sharfuddin


Duly noted


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Does chicory add sweetness to the products that it’s being added in … Kindly let me know @Shaiksharfuncc12

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Hi Rishiseeram,

It sounds like some good advice has been offered here. Here at TastesNatural, we’re in many sugar-free gummies and have developed a few different recipes on how to make them. Naturally, there are many solution depending upon customer goals and needs. While I can’t offer you a one size fits all solution, I can suggest that you take a look at TruSugr and this article on sugar-free gummies which comes with a handy TasteChart that we use in-house. You can also request free samples if you are business.

Wishing you great success!