GC-MS Meat fatty acid

Hello everyone, I need your help. I am a graduate student and
I’m doing research on improving beef quality. In analysis, I want to look at fatty acids C14:0, C16:0, C18:1 (w-9), C20:3(w-6, DGLA), C22:5( w-3, DPA) in meat by GC-MS. Column of the device RT2560.
I need to use Helium as carrier gas. I need a method. I would be very happy if you help me. Thank you very much in advance.

this is very basic, and plenty of published papers are available on this. you may pick and try step by step.

Thank you for your answer
Yes, it seems so, but hydrogen was used as the carrier gas in the studies with the fatty acids I wanted. Or studies on the fatty acids I want have not been studied, some exist and some do not. Especially C20:3 (w-6,DGLA) and C22:5(w-3,DPA) fatty acids
So I asked for help. I continue my research of course. But I would be glad if anyone with experience can share it with me.

Firstly, using a carrier gas be it any that you mentioned is just a basics.

Secondly you never mentioned or havent considered the first step, that is converting FA to FAME.

Try out the stds and do for those FAs that is available to you first, and then jump into C20 and C22 FAs.
BTW, with my several years of experience with GC, i can say that no GC program is going to run 100% as exactly like that in your reference papers. Meaning they are of great help, but each machine has to be optimized to the specific column that is used for the analysis. So work on the method development until you get a clean and good chromatogram…


Thank you for your answer,
Yes I know it won’t be 100%. Well, FID detector was used in the analysis, what should we do when our detector MS is like this? Can you give me information about this too?
Because I want to get information from people who are experienced in this field.

How do you expect to obtain reliable result without using a standard, and you said ‘‘it’s an important part of the project’’? I supposed if the analysis is that important part of your project, you should be able to discuss with your academic supervisor on how to source the standard even when no budgetary provision is available.

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My academic advisor and I are trying to handle this with the lab we are going to analyze. But I want to create a plan B just in case.

i guess sometimes it all comes by doing it once, and later throwing in queries…because all these tips are no longer useful, until you give a try…

these are fundamentals and hence please read about it. And i am sure your supervisor have already provided you with enough information.