Garlic mayonese

Hi, I work in a company in Macedonia for production of garlic mayonese.

It’s like the regular mayo but one if the basic components is garlic. Daily we make 750 pieces of garlic mayonese but we want to make more. So can you help me where can I find/ask for a production line? Thank you.

Tetrapak has done some white papers on mayonnaise and they help with pilot runs.

They have cold emulsion process high shear mixing technology.

You may also contact any of your local universities where they may have pilot plant facility, providing assistance to SMEs or any companies who might be interested in doing such productions.
As a student (few years back), i had this opportunity to use samples that had gone through some of the Tetrapak machines (production units), for analysis. So definitely they are quite involved in many of liquid formulations related to dairy, soymilk, coconut drinks and others. Hopefully they may have some equipment for your purpose as well for trials. You may even get more information from them regarding the packaging and the lid variety that they offer to customers! They offer an Amazing series of lid-closing systems and packaging formats and designs.


Hi Marija,

Best machines for Mayonnaise are Fryma / Koruma. If you can pick up a second hand one it might work for you. Unfortunately all new machines are of a seize which needs several tonnes production each day to make to payback work.

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