FSSC 22000 V5 and ISO 22000:2018 BluePrint (e-book live meeting)

It is much more that an e-book!

Check it out! :video_camera:

Inside you will find:

  1. A section named ISO 22000:2018 Explained in 25 Diagrams

  2. A section about FSSC 22000 V5

  3. A Food Defense Builder (Excel File)

  4. A Food Fraud Builder (Excel File)

  5. It is also your ticket to get inside an exclusive food safety professionals WhatsApp group where you will find support from people that face the same problems and anxieties that you do.

  6. Training and Training Presentation Slides (editable) - 5 March 2020 (ZOOM)


Let’s share some more insights about the e-book as we are preparing the talk on Saturday!

Did you know that labs are the only service now included in this FSSC 22000 V5 additional requirement?


Hi everyone,

Our Food Safety meeting will be at 08:30 AM GMT on Saturday on the forum.

We are waiting your joinings.

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Yes, I am eager to have you all inside this group and start talking about FSSC and ISO 22000. As you can see above I will share even more sections of the e-book and then I hope that everyone comes and discussing with me what is new and what are your main doubts about the new FSSC V5 and the 2018’s version of ISO 22000. :ok_hand:?


In the e-book we have a 9 pages interview with Cornelie Glerum and Aldin Hilbrands (FSSC 22000 Managing Director and Technical Director).

I choose this section special because of Cornelie’s last sentence. What you think about it?


Hello everyone. We are close to start the event. I am really happy and proud for all the comments and support that you have gave me in social network.

As explained, the idea is to share with you all sections of my e-book and have nice discussions around it. You can also bring your doubts about FSSC and ISO that I will reply with my best efforts.

And remember, all the people that engage will be able to take advantage of a special and unique :gift: related with the e-book. Stay tuned since I will share it during the event!

Now is time to tell all your food safety professional friends to join us since this is a one of a kind opportunity! And please, gave me some :heartpulse: to show that you are there ready for the action :grinning:

See you soon.

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I’m looking forward


Hello everyone. That’s it :exclamation:

I am now available for the next 2 hours to share with you some of the new e-book content and engage with you on conversations about ISO, FSSC and Food Safety.

What do you think about Cornelie’s reply to my question? Particularly the last sentence… is just me or is she sharing that in the future more modules can be added to FSSC?

What do you think?

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In my opinion she is opening a window so in the future they add other ISO like ISO 14000… :wink:

This is what have changed about the structure of ISO from 2005’s to 2018’s version.

Notice that there are 4 clauses on planning… planning is really important for the success of a food safety system.

Thanks. Any comments on what has been shared so far?

ı want to ask about FSSC version 5 Purchasing risk assesment approach "how should establish related 22000:2018. Can you explain please

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Hello Ayten. I believe you are talking about how to manage purchasing materials specially regarding food fraud, is that it?

Hello Nuno :slight_smile: i mean that …yes its true

Organizations must know their suppliers well. Regarding food fraud if you notice FSSC has an all guide on it. ISO 22000 also talks about it in context of the organization. So we have to look to it in both food safety management systems.

This is my view on it as I have in the e-book:

Accessing suppliers is really important. You should ask yourself:

Do I trust him? How long have we been working together? Does he supply any product that is commonly associated with fraud?

Thank you for reply. ı have a second question Do I trust him? for this question can answer to be purchasing audit. If company make a audit for supplier are