Frying Oil Quality (Olive Oil) - Restaurants

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Is there any easy method or devices to check the quality of frying oil in restaurants other than laboratory analysis? We are using olive oil to fry french fries.

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For accuracy you need laboratory analysis but for qualitative means, the aroma of oil vapors, its color ,the foaming and ,the less efficiently in your operation are tell tale effect that your frying fat has gone off.

use Testo meter to check Total Polar Materials (TPM) very easy and convenient!

surprised to note that olive oil is used on an industry scale for deep frying.

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Indeed…maybe the Op is located in the Mediterranean area where olive oil is plentiful. Usually low grade or olive pomace oil is used for such.That kind of oil is hexane extracted from pressed olive oil pulp or residues from Virgin oil extraction .

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ok ok, so its not pure virgin olive oil…Got it, Thanks @Roy

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Use testo meter to check total polar matter

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I think the use of palm olein-style oils for frying is better than olive oil. In terms of cost, it may be more suitable than olive oil.

@Zeynep_Kahraman …if the olive oil user resides in the Mediterranean region where pomace olive oil is cheaper than imported palm olein ,then its practical to use pomace olive oil instead…

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its device type equipment? what are the parameters TPM or FFA or Peroxide value? can you explain the details.

You should visit the Testo website as they had technical documentation about TPM.as well as how to use their equipment for such purpose.
Regarding FFA and Peeoxide value that information should not be difficult for you to sort out in the advent of several avenues of information available.
Food Technologists are known for initiative, not for dependence…

Totox value is another alternative.
= 2 peroxide value + anisidine value

Actually you should follow the rules of Food Safety … like how many times you can use the same oil for frying and the temperatureof the frying… also check the history of the analysis results it will give you some pictures about the quality of the oil by the time …

TPM meter testo

How to control FFA of oil on snacks food industry

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