Food Safety: Food Crisis Management


Food safety is a complex topic, and the various market participants are involved, such as authorities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consumer protection bodies and the media, have a very different, often emotionally charged perspective. This poses a particular challenge to producers and distributors when deciding on a method to deal with media attention on unhealthy food, with contaminations and residuals. There are numerous examples of crises caused by impermissible residuals. This shall be illustrated using concrete examples from the egg, game and poultry industries.

1. Introduction

Food safety is paramount in the food chains with raw materials contaminations, improper treatment or storage and incorrect declarations or expiration dates having become a daily occurrence. Almost every German food company, as well as food companies in other countries, experiences at least one so-called food crisis over the course of its activities. These are often triggered by inconspicuous events that are not indicative of a threat initially. However, experience has shown that what seems like harmless negative customer feedback or complaints can give rise to a full-blown crisis. The consequences are often initiated by media warnings, which might in turn lead to product recalls. These are subsequently published by the supervisory authorities in the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed—RASFF This is associated with high costs and time expenditures for those parties involved. As a result, recalls can even threaten the very existence of the distributing company responsible. Moreover, the distribution of unsafe food is usually associated with significant image loss. At the same time, the question arises when food should be considered hazardous to health following the legal intention of the general administrative regulations of the EU Rapid Alert System. The Article Food Safety and Crisis Management illustrates this using several real practical examples, which the author Caspar von der Crone has overseen as responsible manager over the last years.

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Food Safety: Food Crisis Management

Food Safety: Food Crisis Management
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