Food Preservation

How to preserve ginger, garlic, coriender leaves, coconut paste for at least 6months or more? Natural preservatives preferred.

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Vegetable paste had high Aw ,they are difficult to preserve for a long time

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Is this for an industry or just a general query.
If its just preservation: These paste can be stored in freezer for atleast 4 weeks without any major issue. People have tried approaches such as using the freezer tray for the purpose and timely usage of it (for convenience). But if you are still looking for slightly higher shelf life, you can try mixing the paste with some oil and that in turn can be frozen down to get 2 months of shelf life.

On an Industry scale, one has to remove the water and get in dry powder format, like how the flavour companies are using them…

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Hi, Thanks for your answer
This is for industry purpose. We are adding oil in it and trying to preserve it for at least six monthswithout compromising taste, flavour, consisteny.

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Its not literally real moist raw chopped vegetable paste anymore… but made by blanching veggies first to inactivate the enzymes them by chopping them. Up to form.a pulpy matter.which is then pressed of its moisture, salted, spiced and soaked in oil for storage. .Its more like pickled vegetables pulp
It will gradually develop off taste as it ages and tgats difficult to control which limits its maximum shelf life…


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Good day,

Please try a calcium Lactate and natural vinegar powder if you like natural preservatives.

Natural Lactic is available as well.

Part of the preservation is antioxidation as you mentioned, you use a little bit of oil, please look at natural antioxidating agents too if you choose.

A slight Ph etc can give you added shelf life.The Lactate will also assist with water activity.


Hi Thanks a bunch.

It would be great if you kindly mention the ratio of neutral vinegar and calcium lactate per kg.