Food Formulation and Nutrition Labeling in Google Sheets

Hello Fellow Food Scientists,

Nutrasheets is an add-on that allows you to formulate foods and generate nutrition labels in Google Sheets. Nutrasheets can:

  • Create formulas, streams and batch sheets
  • Select from 350,000 ingredients to insert into your formulas or create custom ingredients
  • Create and customize US Nutrition Facts in 6 different formats including dual column nutrition facts
  • Create and customize ingredient and allergen statements for formulas
  • Export labels as PDFs for use in packaging graphics

Nutrasheets can be used for free by installing it from Google Workspace Marketplace or under the Add-ons menu → Get add-ons in Google Sheets.

Learn more about Nutrasheets, create US nutrition labels, and sign up for a free 1 month trial of Nutrasheets Pro at www.nutrasheets.com. Let me know if there is any opportunity to help.

Thank you,
Ben Gross
Chief Solutions Architect
Nutrition Engineering LLC


Really great and usefull project. I like it :slight_smile:

If you can add more label types for other regions may be better.


hiee how to use this.pls anyone can tell me

Hi Kaustubh,
The Quickstart guide in the Nutrasheets Learning Center should be helpful to get started. Let me know if there are any other questions.

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I like this idea to add nutrition labels for regions outside the US. I’m looking for any input as to whether there are potential customers in a specific region with a particular interest in generating and customizing nutrition labels so I can prioritize my development efforts. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Your tools looks cheaper than expensive alternatives like GENESIS .and other similar popular food formulationand nutritionsoftwares…
How about privacy issues as this tool can access the accounts of users…

@Ben_Gross Thank you… this is amazing. Working along with our production manager to develop a product spec sheet and dealing with the nutrition labelling of our products and here it is.

Great idea. Need EU UK JP and China label generator with support of all European, Chinese and Japanese (just for label generation) languages. With this feature you will have the best stuff on the market.

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Hi Roy, Thank you for your consideration. Nutrasheets never stores any formulation information whatsoever. Formulas are stored on your Google Drive. Nutrasheets does not have access to Google Drive. The privacy policy available at https://www.nutrasheets.com/privacypolicy explains more about authorization scopes and data privacy. Let me know if there are any other questions or opportunities to help. Thanks, Ben


Great work… @Ben_Gross so helpful for everyone…

After 1 month trial, how much to subscribe annually?

Hi Morris, After the 1 month free trial, Nutrasheets Pro is $12 USD / month for 1 user. There is lower monthly pricing for 2 or more users under Nutrasheets Org. You can sign up and administer your account at https://www.nutrasheets.com/account . Thank you so much for your interest, and let me know if there are any other questions.

I have downloaded the tool. just to check it out but have not used it yet.So does it mean if after a month I will be paying the required monthly rental for that software?

Hi Roy,
Nutrasheets can be used for free indefinitely under the default Basic plan. If you decide to upgrade to Pro, then it would be $12 / month after a 1 month free trial. The table below shows some of the differences in quotas for Basic and Pro plans. Would love to hear more questions and feedback.