Effect of particle size of selected composite spices on storability of fried meat

Abstract of Article

Meat is a good source of many nutrients and protein in the human diet. In this study, strips of marinated beef were deep fried in oil, packaged and stored under three storage conditions. The study was carried out to determine the proximate composition, oxidative and microbial stability of meat sample marinated with spices of different particle sizes (250, 300 and 500 μm). The untreated sample was compared with marinated samples and stored under ambient, refrigeration and freezing temperatures. The results showed that spice particle size affected protein, fat and ash content of the meat during storage at p<0.01 while the effect on moisture content and carbohydrate was at p<0.001. Samples marinated with 250 μm had the lowest microbial growth (6.0 × 104) and lowest oxidative rancidity value (0.40). Combined spices give a synergistic effect which is more potent in the inhibition of microbial growth and oxidative rancidity.

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