Cultured Meat - A new era for meat science

Cultured meat refers to cells grown in vitro to form meat products for human consumption. The idea is to produce meat in a manner that is more sustainable, ethical and efficient than conventional livestock slaughter - while at the same time achieving biochemical and organoleptic equivalence. A number of challenges exist in order to scale up this technology, many of which will require food scientists to drive innovation and product development. There is a need to fill the gap in knowledge between cell biology, molecular biology, tissue engineering and food/meat science to realise the potential of this concept.

As someone who works in the field, I would like to reach out to anyone who would like to know more about this technology and furthermore to spread the word among younger students who may be interested in getting involved in this space. I also would like to open general discussion to this new topic to hear the opinions of those working in food science!


Some additional read up for anyone who is interested in cultured meat:

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