Cracks on Whipping Cream

Dear Professionals please guide how to control cracks on whipping cream cake during storage in refrigerator after decoration.

And how to improve whipping ability I mean how to increase strength.

Many thanks in advance

What does contain your cream? And these images after refrigerated or?

These are before refrigeration.

Could you please share also after?

I don’t have after at the moment.

But we are facing crakes and sometime very loose texture. Please guide me.

first rule, you should not stock cream in any condition. You should use it immediately because it lose its foamy texture.

In Pakistan we are giving many month shelf life and transport in freezing conditions before whipping

i mean after whipping. Before is of course ok.

If you are using liquid whipping cream then the causes of cracking upon spreading on cakes.

  1. Excess liquid attributed to fresh cut fruit topping which oozes water on standing .
  2. Overwhipping also promotes syneresis which leads to oozing of liquid causing it to crack upon standing.
    3 Exposure to high humidity also promotes surface cracking .
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That’s points. Thanks a lot Dear Roy.