This Best Practices Guidance contains an international directory of guidelines and best practices recommendations for the care and prevention management of COVID19 risk during the preparation and administration of food and drinks by the restaurant sector. It takes into account the indications issued by the following national and international bodies: World Health Organization (WHO), Italian Ministry of Health, California Department Of Public Health, Florida Department Of Public Health, Georgia Department Of Public Health, Istituto Superiore della Sanità, INAIL, CDC, FDA and it has been compiled by food safety professionals to help share COVID-19 Prevention expertise with colleagues and restaurant companies around the world that need to adopt anti-contagion safety measures from the SARS- CoV-2 virus.

Author: Dr. Paola Cane Mia Solution
Co-Author | Editor: Jocelyn C. Lee Food Safety Consultant


Restaurants have suffered unprecedented losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of companies face insolvency or count their days to survive, millions of workers have lost their jobs or are laid off. In light of the policies aimed at the gradual reopening after the global lockdown, this document aims to provide restaurants with solid guidelines in order to protect the health of their employees, of their customers and with them ensuring the survival and prosperity of their business. Without prejudice to any specific national or local regulations, the objective of this document is to encourage the safe reopening of restaurant activities.

Constant dialogue with local and/or national public health authorities will ensure updates on the latest rules and regulations in a given geographical area– including specific arrangements for guests, access to ambulatory and hospital care etc.

This guidance is not intended for bars, coffee shops, food courts, clubs, concert, nursing homes, performance or entertainment venues, hotels nor for school canteens or company ones.

You can download file via below link.

COVID19 RESTAURANT GUIDE Master AUG 25.2021.pdf (10.9 MB)

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