Caramel Based Popcorn

Hey, hi i have been work on coated popcorn (Caramel based) issue which i am facing is i am not getting authentic flavour & Aroma of caramel
let me explain you , we are still working on pilot plant level and using almost 60% of sucrose-Corn syrup in ratio of 60-40.
could you please put some light onto this.
thanks in advance.

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Could you please give us more details about caramel recipe? How do you make it?

Sucriose glucose combination no matter how you cook it and whatever ratio is tasteless and you can never get the caramel taste The flavor of caramel is derived from the combination of sucrose- glucose- milk …You should cook it in a manner that promote optimum Maillards reaction.


You would need some milk solids, preferably butter, your Caramel Flavour must also be a butter Caramel type. The cooking up procedure is also very important as other contributors mention, for the maillard Caramel taste to develop, then butter added on cooling down. Also use a Lecithin /canola oil spray to prevent popcorn from sticking together, in cooking vat with mixing arms that rotate while stirring , on cooling down table.

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