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Is there a branch under name of Bromatology in your country?

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Bromatology is more a fancy name for study of food.( aka food science ).
from the greek word BROMA for food; tology or ology ( science, study, knowledge)…In combination succinctly food science…Bromatologist = food scientist…
During my university days decades back…only one professor mentioned it …Lately one poster asked it and it came to my mind again…that i almost forgot the meaning…but remembered the scientific name of cacao by Carolus Linnaeus which is theobroma cacao or theobroma is food of the gods literally; theo is god, broma is food so when combine food of the gods
I was expecting the poster tried to understand the meaning of that word but they never did, so i explained it for clarification…Hopefully it helped her or him.


Nice info, thanks @Roy