BBQ sauce Recipe

Can any one help me by providing BBQ sauce Recipe? It will be really greatful for me…


Did you try anything?

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No… Actually this products is not that much familiar in Bangladesh. I am trying to develop… But not finding any recipe…

Base + spices. Try combining smoked paprika, cumin, various peppers. Lots of fruits and quite many veggies can be used as base.


There are many barbecue sauce recipe in the web. When I was in Dhaka, Bangladesh some years back as a consultant I have noticed some of in large grocery and supermarket…I just forgot the brand names,Many of it comes from India and Pakistan.One notable differences was the presence of garam masala which is not common in western style barbecue sauce.

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BBQ sauces can be tomato based sauces with starch as a thickener and stabilized with Xantham gum. Some BBQ sauces have smoke flavour as and ingredient or have a stronger herb profile like origanum inside. BBQ sauces are often used as a basting sauce and incorrectly used as a marinade because of a high sugar content, all BBQ have a vinegar, Worcester sauce or some acidulant as a preservative or Ph balancer.Soy sauce can also be added. A home made recipe can be changed to a industrial one by using the industrial available additive, ie fresh tomato can be substituted by tomato paste(hot break) or tomato powder. Corn starch(Maize/Potato/Tapioka) by a modified starch. Mustard flour is also a traditional additive, colouring coming from Caramel colouring and tomato solids. I’ve chosen not to give a recipe as I believe you can learn from this sauce making process and grow your education, fruit BBQ (HP), Cayenne sauces (Frank and Tobasco), from BBQ you can go to Chutneys. Sugar free versions are becoming available with Inulin etc. Japanese BBQ, Asian BBQ, Indian BBQ, American BBQ, African BBQ style are all regional tastes.