Artisan wine production

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Hello everyone,

I’m jumping into the journey of making red wine in small scale in an artisan way. After some research I have come up with the following proposed process:

  1. First fermentation (2-3 wks) until desired alcohol content.

  2. Second fermentation (2 months), including clarification process.

  3. Bottling aging (2-3 months). I’m aware that the longer the wine ages the better flavor and body it will achieve, however, and since it’s a small project for now, I can’t leave it too long.

With the above mentioned I would appreciate a lot any feedback and comments you might have on the process proposed.

In addition, I would like to be able to reach a shelf life of at least one year with this wine, do you guys have recommendations on what should be done to reach this goal?

Besides the use of bactericide additives, should I also pasteurize the wine at the end in the sealed bottles?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you can provide!

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You should study conventional wine processing then translate that into your "artisan "production.
THERE IS not much difference, or the principle and procedures in winemaking ;it remains the same…
Don’t romanticize( calling your process artisan) if you have no intimate knowledge about that subject…

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What I mean here substantial knowledge in winemaking :wink: