Alginate crunchy broccoli cubes

Hi there!
Any ideas on formulas to try making vacuum-dried broccoli cubes using sodium Alginate first. We want to create a solid blocks using fresh broccoli, water and alginate (what else?). Then cut it in cubes and dry it on low temperature (below 60 Celsius).

What ingredients to use to make the final product stable and crunchy?
How to mask Alginate flavor?
What percentage of water/Alginate you can advise to try?

Alginate does not work alone for your aim. It requires Calcium to create gels.

What I understand about this dried vegetable cubes is pureeed vegetable is mixed seasonings then with hydrocolloids dispersion( mostly gelatin), Then its aerated to a foam in a continous mixer ( oaks or mondomix )
The foamed mixtures is then desposited into cubes molds then freeze dried ,
I dont know how alginate fits it as there is no protein to facilitate foam formation during the aeration process.
Regarding formulation and methods the world and European patent files can provide it.