Adhesion problem in coconut coated almonds

Hello, I’m developing coconut-coated almonds.
ingr. - almonds- 5kg , brown sugar - 1 kg, liq glucose - 80g , water - 250g , guar gum- 3g, citric acid 5g , desiccated coconut powder- 1kg, salt 20g.


1)Prior roasting of almonds in an oven,140 c for 25 min.
2)Slurry - Brown sugar(900g) + Liq. glucose+ water mixed and boiled.
3)Guar gum + brown sugar(100g) added to the boiled slurry and then mixed.
4)Almonds are then coated with a slurry in a pan coater. ( the temp. diff.
between the two not more than 25F.
5) Desiccated coconut+ salt then sprinkled over it.
6) Final roasting - 140 c for 10 min

  • taste, crunchiness is good but what should I do to make it more uniform in appearance

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what is your syrup brix?

did you cook the syrup enough to eliminate recrystallization?

what is your cooking temperature?

and to help you we need more info. how do you pan them?

panning requires experience. If you can share a short video will be nice to understnd your panning method.


Sorry, I don’t know the Brix and cooking temp of syrup. Would you please suggest me what should be the temp and brix of the syrup? I will implement it in next trial & will follow up shortly.

Brix 70 and temp 120 is good for cooking. Set a 70 brix syrup and cook it until 120 C.

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There is no specific cooking time, right? Do I have to just heat it until it reaches 120c?

yes. it is enough.


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