Why Liquid Glucose is used in Ice-cream?

Can anybody explain why liquid glucose is widely used in ice-cream industry?
And what are alternatives??

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Glucose syrup is used in ice cream as it prevents or inhibit sugar recrtstallization which creates griity eating ice cream in its absence.
Further the higher carbohydrates ,the tri, terra, penta, hexa saccharides create "body f:or the ice cream which enhancevits acceptability.


You can use inverted sugar, which contain glucose and fructose.


A quick reply here - our TruSugr™ is an a new sugar-free ice cream brand that is now in the markets. The taste panels closed out with rave reviews and the founders stopped at nothing to make sure it was delicious. While launch is starting in the US, there is already movement and plans for international distribution. TruSugr™ has proven success in a sugar-free, delicious ice cream. :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining