Why blue Glove in food factories

Because there is no blue colored food in the nature. Blue color can easily determined in the case of contamination inside of the product/process.


Hi Honour; Blueberry is not actually blue. As you can see from the attached picture blueberry has navy blue color around of it and when you mash it,it becames purple ! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your information @johnfound

as a different point of view, maybe blue is one of the few colors that even color blind people (especially the green-red type ones) can discriminate from the other colors in every light conditions. I know from myself :wink: As it is stated earlier, bluish colors are not common for foods. Considering almost 10 percent of the population is color blind, this point might be important.


Dear Gökhan…very good information i did not think in that way…:clap::clap:


There is still no specific legislation on the use of Blue-colored gloves in the food industry, but for a Good Production rule, blue-colored gloves are preferred because Blue is the least present in food. Some factories have spectrograms for detecting such color objects on the production lines.