What is heat penetration and their study factors?

What is heat penetration and their study factors ? kindly describe this with authentic reference

would be good to add more details as to which process are you looking at? for pasteurization, sterilization etc heat penetration factors are calculated… A food processing expert or a chemical engineering expert might be able to explain this in a more explicit manner.


Please check if any of these papers are useful:

  1. Sterilization using high-pressure carbon dioxide, Journal of Supercritical Fluids 38 (2006) 354–372
  2. Heat transfer analysis of canned food sterilization in a still retort. Journal of Food Engineering 88 (2008) 213–228
  3. Energy 164 (2018) 995e1010
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Kindly give me PDF of second and third papers so I have ease to read ,please share link or file .

Not sure if that is allowed since its a published article.
could type in your email id and would that be good to send you the PDF directly.

Thanks but I already try but not received yet if you have so kindly share this link