Water Quality Parameters


Since the industrial revolution in the late eighteenth century, the world has discovered new sources of pollution nearly every day. So, air and water can potentially become polluted everywhere. Little is known about changes in pollution rates. The increase in water-related diseases provides a real assessment of the degree of pollution in the environment. This chapter summarizes water quality parameters from an ecological perspective not only for humans but also for other living things. According to its quality, water can be classified into four types. Those four water quality types are discussed through an extensive review of their important common attributes including physical, chemical, and biological parameters. These water quality parameters are reviewed in terms of definition, sources, impacts, effects, and measuring methods.

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Nayla Hassan Omer (October 16th 2019). Water Quality Parameters, Water Quality - Science, Assessments and Policy, Kevin Summers, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.89657. Available from: Water Quality Parameters | IntechOpen


The advent of desalinized water implies that water related information should cover this as well.I have seen its prevalence in some Middle Eastern countries …

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