Turmeric Rich Milk

Dear FST desk members,

First of all thank you for keeping updating your post and views on different topics.
I would like to know your view about turmeric rich pasteurized milk product and what kind of various technologies available to make it economically viable consumer product?

Thankyou in advance, even if you will see this post you are requested to atleast “share” this so it shall reach to resourceful person.

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To make it economically viable to manufacture, there should be a wide demand but drinking turmeric milk is a cultural thing and it does not have a wide consumption globally…

“Cultural thing” Sure. But my question is what are different technologies in practical not theoretical that are available to make turmeric into pasteurize milk and make such “locally” Favourable consumer product. My concern is not about global market rather local market only.

You should study dairy science techniques how to process milk and related beverages which is broad and detailed to discuss here…
Do some work in that area you are interested…

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Adding turmeric as a natural ingredient, you may have to study lots of parameters to get it optimized. Probably due to this reason curcumin powder or encapsulated forms are used.
The word ‘rich’ is something that you may wish to optimize on the amount of turmeric that you wish to incorporate in the milk.
Interestingly i guess even the turmeric powder that is currently available in the market is adulterated and not pure!
Pasteurization process may not be the major issue here, because obviously you could use relatively the same pasteurization step as normal milk.

I agree with Yuri as turmeric milk is simply milk containing turmeric and other spices all of which have health benefits which incidentally are heat stable Therefore it should not deviate from typical milk processing like for example UHT to improve its availability, convenience and storability…

The process would be the same but good luck finding a processor if you are not investing in your own equipment.
I work with some dairy processors and none of them would take on tumeric because of its staining properties and the clean up involved.

Thankyou for valuable comment. Luckily I am already food science and technologist. However as I was expecting to know about various industry level technique available in market for flavour like encapsulation.

Alright. Thankyou.

I think more than simple Turmeric it should have turmeric extract which would result into more consistency considering NOAEL to be specified too while making further dairy and dairy products involving it.

Can you pls share how to achieve optimization some guideline or case study on it?

I was thinking previously you want to industrialize the popular Indian household concoction turmeric milk made with turmeric powder and other spices dispersed in milk.
It just straight forward thinking actually if you are really a food science specialist you can easily tackle it with the support of the plentiful information available about milk processing in the books and web.You don’t need to ask opinions of other people that are not avid about such niche product that is not produced elsewhere.

So now you already aware of the best material to use for that purpose you have no more issues in doing the work you aspired to commercialize that household turmeric milk production.

But I believe more than knowledge person should open for response from others that’s why I had asked my query. It is already getting economical in India, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Knowledge is something that is best put in practice and not just collected for its sake . If you had a clesr idea of what your goal is you don’t need suggestion from people that are less familiar than you are.
I never saw your issue a problem but your lack of self confidence is what impelled you to see it that way.

Most product are a “cultural thing” until they are not, take kombucha as an example.

Any regional food or beverage takes a lot of time before it become mainstream…Just look at regional.cuisine it takes ages to become "globally " acceptable…

Totally agreed by your insight. Thanks

Yes right. Local products has a lot to offer to global.

That would be an accurate statement 20 years ago, with how globally connected we are and the lack of trust of the current mainstream western products consumers are looking for an alternative.