Trans fat in Bakery products

What could be a simple and convenient method to find trans fat in bakery products (if they have to do on a daily or weekly basis). If it is not the expensive instrumental approaches like GC, FTIR etc, can suggest any feasible method that you may have tried in your industry on a day to day basis. Thank you.

Technically ,there is no qualitative means of determining trans fatsā€¦iIs only by quantitative means using the chemical instrumentation you mentionedā€¦I have not seen, heard or read of any big bakery or other big food business doing such complicated trans fat anslysis in houseā€¦
If they ever want to produce nutritional facts, these institutions submit their products to third party analysis for fats fat spectrum and trans fats as required.

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Yes, with more regulations and labeling requirements, and especially since bakery products might have trans fats, they are now wanting to have this analysis. May be we will see this need coming up more oftenā€¦
WOuld you mind expanding what you meant in the last sentence, ā€˜third party analysis for the fat spectrum and trans fatsā€™ and did you mean from there one should be able to find the trans fat content after having the information on the fat spectrum. Sorry for the trouble.

Some firms want to know the exact composition of the fats or fat spectrum.i.e.
The percentage of palmitic stearic oleic linoleic/,linoleic,etc which can imply the fat origin.
This is more the concern of specialist fat users than general processed food manufacturers. .
Some institutions that want to promote certain fatty acids in their product like MCT and omega 3 etc will benefit from fat spectrum analysis in their products

If the free fatty acids are chromatography a separated the cis and trans isomers are also segregated and identified.
The cis isomers is oleic acid while the contrasting trans isomer is elaidic acidā€¦which is considered the trans fatsā€¦
The latter is what is quantified as transfatsā€¦

Ok got itā€¦Thank you

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Yes true, expensive and time consuming. thanks

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