Tomato juice production

Hello, my name is Kephas, I am doing a research on making tomato juice, I need a help on how to preserve it using natural spices, and if any pdf available please help me.

As a simple approach, the first step is to find out: what are the spices that are available in the region where this product development is carried out.
(1) Have you tried clove (essential oil) or powder
(2) how about rosemary, thyme or lavender (essential oils, or other formats)
(3) how about anise
(4) trying eugenol itself for preservation capability would be a good attempt
(5)mix of spices - anything on garlic, ginger (ratios)?
more natural materials, roots/stem based ingredients might be possible.
The most interesting aspect would be to identify a key AO from waste materials like papaya seeds, avocado seeds, fruit peels etc…hence options are plenty to try.


The type of tomato juice would be the starting point hot or cold break juice and the end preserved packaging, hot or cold filled and in glass or can or Aseptic or UHT Tetra packing and if a beverage or sauce as in diagram. . If unpreserved cold filled, is the starting point, the acid of tomato is also acting as a preservative.other acids vinegars in Ketchup plays a role too. Salts come into play as well for water activity. If you add sugar, starch or thickener , you will need to hot fill. Spicing will be one part of preserving and others will be as critical. Cinnamon Celery, Garlic and Onion and Clove even Curry Ketchup play a big role in tomato spicing and other replies give great starting points, herbs are antioxidants and also play a role.(Kalsec have white papers on this topic in Pdf form) Chilli extracts for Tomato Salsa also give some assistance. The strengths of all spices will be different if a juice, sauce or ketchup and if diluted from Paste. For reference go one step further and search Aroma chemicals as preservatives.