To increase the aroma effect in lollipop candy

What would you recommend to make the aroma used in lollipop candy products more effective?
production progresses with traditional open boilers and cold table cooling

Flavors are normally added on the cold table while manipulating the candy mass for even distribution.
You also need to.get heat stable flavors from reputable companies…

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malic acid
trisodium citrate
Some people recommended me to use it, but I don’t know if it will help.
I fold into it by adding flavoring on the cooling table

Malic acid is an acidulant to enhance fruity taste in your candy…Trisodium citrate is buffer to control tartness.
Usually citric acid is the most used acidulant but a blend of malic and citric acid will create a balanced sourness…
This acids have nothing to do with flavor it only accentuates fruity taste.


Will flavour topnotes as a post production spray on work?

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Sorry, What do you mean? please clarify.

If it is aroma you are looking for, why not use essential oils?