The Importance of UV-Vis Spectroscopy: Application in Food Products Characterization

There is a great concern about the quality of food products in the current market, since adulterations of them can lead to financial loss and damages to consumer health. In this context, the techniques for food characterization have been useful tools, specially the spectroscopic techniques, since they do not destroy the sample under analysis nor do they produce toxic residues.

One of these techniques is the absorption spectroscopy in the Ultraviolet and Visible region, which is used for qualitative and quantitative characterization of sample compounds. This study is a bibliographical review that seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness and relevance of using this technique in food products characterization. Therefore, a bibliographic survey of publications in national and international journals in the last eight years was carried out.

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Citation: Prisna JS L, Ornella M P. The Importance of UV-Vis Spectroscopy: Application in Food Products Characterization. Scho J Food & Nutr.
1(3)-2018.SJFN.MS.ID.000111. DOI: 10.32474/SJFN.2018.01.000111.

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