Tannin content

How can we reduce the tannin content from fruit peel? Im working on the pomegranate peel usage in food product. But the main problem is its bitter taste and tannin content. Please suggest method to reduce its tannin content and bitterness

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how about trying on fermentation using lactic acid bacteria. or others like saccharomyces cerevisiae etc.
Also good to check if this tannin is bound with some polysaccharides, and further performing a few enzyme studies.
Other methods would be to adsorb tannin using some hydrogels or beads after dropping it into the functional drink after preparation. Ever tried dropping any gums for weeks to check what is the effect of bitterness??
One simple test could be to perform a series of studies by heating the peel itself (udner temp variation) and study on its tannin content and generate complete data to find how tannin varies with temperature, and have a control of it, if possible.
Many such possibilities may be…


Thank u… actually I’m working on natural additive for whole grain based snack and produced it from pomegranate peel… it show its respective functionality but it produced bitter after taste… I also apply detannination process but it don’t reduce it’s bitterness… plz recommend me link or any other research article regarding tannin removal method.


hi, Please check if this might take you towards the next step of thought;
Quite an old publication.
Effects of viscosity on the bitterness and astringency of grape seed tannin -
Food Quality and Preference, [Volume 7, Issues 3–4] July–October 1996, Pages 161-166.
-I am also not sure if beta-cylcodextrin can be used to encapsulate this tannin somehow. You may check some papers in that direction as well.
-Polyacrylamide gels may be a research wise solution, but not sure how far this can be applied practically.
-masking the bitterness might be the most feasible option using some gums, sweetners or others

  • or apply a 50/50 approach, adsorption followed by masking the remaining tannins.
    -identify what type of compounds are more reactive to tannin and possibly removing its effect that way…