Snack products ideas

Need some innovative ideas for snack products. Can anyone share any idea please. Thanks in advance

Please clarify. Snacks are very big family.


I would suggest reading industry related news publications to find on-going and up-coming trends in the snack world. Snack & Bakery, Food Business News, and New Food Magazine are good places to start.

Also consider, what kinds of snacks do you enjoy personally? How would you change these to be more enjoyable? Another way to get ideas is to browse the snack aisle at your local food store to see what new products are available. Also consider long-term snack brands–what is it that makes them so successful and stable?

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@Asadullah…What’s your intentions of getting snack ideas; do you want to distribute, or make it yourself and make a business out of it.
Whats your technical background and snack interest as that will determine what snack products suits you…