Shelf life of cooked pasta

Does anyone have any suggestions to achieve 7-10 days shelf life in cooked pasta ( dried pasta, which is cooked to 85oC, cooled to 4oC ) and stored at 4-8oC. Thanks

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can you give us more details?

Is it ready to service or?

Did you do some tests?

Whats is water content and aw of your final product?

How do you pack the product?

And if available some images please.

Cooked pasta had only a valid one week shelf life under refrigeration .You better freeze it so it can stay for month’s…
Chilling tends to promote starch retrogradation affecting the texture of the pasta. Freezing inhibit such starch crystallization phenomenon.

What is the product pH and what kind of packaging material barrier… generally hot fill and chill will preserve acidulant food…