Shelf life of Australian red meat

Australian meat has a reputation around the world for excellent shelf life. The Australian meat industry produces meat products with shelf lives ranging from a few days (entire cuts, roasts and ground meats) to several months (vacuum-packed primals) to more than one year (frozen manufacturing meat). The industry services domestic and export markets in the retail and further processing sectors, all of which impose specifications or standards which relate to shelf life.

The purpose of this book is to explain the important elements that contribute to shelf life so that everyone in the supply chain can do their part to maintain a superior standard. It is also intended for Australian meat customers so that they can understand the technical aspects of the product, what to expect of
Australian meat and how to set appropriate criteria for product acceptance.

As will be seen from the Contents page, the scope of this book is wide.

It provides up-to-date information on the shelf life of Australian meat for a range of users who operate in the technical, regulatory and marketing spheres. To satisfy this broad spectrum of readers, each section is ‘paced’, progressing from a basic level and ending with the latest research work; a reference list is provided at the end of each section for those who wish to read further.
This second edition contains numerous research updates from CSIRO and University of Tasmania on shelf life of primals and sub primals, and on interventions. The shelf life predictor has also been developed to a stage where it has great potential value, especially for emerging markets where the
cold chain infrastructure is not well developed.

Download the book.

shelf-life-of-australian-red-meat-2nd-edition.pdf (1.3 MB)


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