Hi everyone.
I’m looking for good formats to write a research proposal and research motivation for food science.

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@Slimpotter - hi, with regards to food science research, why not you put up your thoughts on the possible research prospects, or projects here. You might be able to expand from there with additional help from fstdesk members. Give a try.


Ok thanks, it’s actually centered around food microbiology and biotechnology, and would be looking at microbial influenced enzymatic actions in solving certain food related challenges.

@Slimpotter …Microbial enzymes are pretty well used in the food industry. In fact I am currently using both fungal and bacterial biocatalysts in solving practical problems such as how to control dough rheology in flours that is not commonly used in biscuits.
Welll I got positive results.But I can’t talk more details about it due to confidentiality issues…

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